Module 3 on Consumer Rights and Guarantees

Consumer Law Ready is a specialist training programme for SMEs, helping them understand and comply with the latest European and national consumer laws. The 3rd module will introduce you to the world of legal guarantee rights.

What can I expect to learn from this training module?

If products are faulty, the EU grants consumers legal guarantee rights to remedy this problem, such as a right to repair. The relevant law is the Directive 1999/44/EC on the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees. Among other things, you will learn:

About the scope of application of the rules on guarantees

Which legal remedies consumer s have in case of faulty products

What you need to do if consumers turn to you for repair or replacement of a product

About the difference between a legal guarantee and a commercial guarantee

How long consumers can invoke their rights if products are faulty

Who should prove that the product does not correspond to what was promised

This sounds like quite a bit of work, but don’t get stressed - we will provide practical examples to make your life easier.

Some finger-food information before you are getting started

What are legal guarantee rights?

Consumers have a right to receive what was promised. For example, if you sell water-proof shoes, then these shoes should indeed be water-proof. Otherwise, consumers have a right to have them repaired or replaced. And this free of charge.

What happens if I believe that the product was not faulty when I sold it?

It is generally the consumer’s obligation to prove that the product does not correspond to the contract. However, within at least six months after purchase, it is up to you to prove that lack of conformity (the “fault”) did not exist from the start. This period is longer in some countries.

Can I redirect a consumer’s complaint to the producer?

No, you cannot. If you sold goods to the consumer which turned out not to be in conformity with the sales contract, you as the seller need to deal with that issue in line with the applicable national rules on consumer sales.

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