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About the Programme

Consumer Law Ready is a specialist training programme for people in SMEs, like you. It will help you understand and comply with the latest EU Consumer Laws. The training enables you to gain knowledge of the important aspects of Consumer Law, which will help you to improve your customer service and increase consumer trust in your business.

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Become a part of Consumer Law Ready

Get a certificate in Consumer Law, accredited by the European Commission.


Gain important knowledge of Consumer Law, helping you to make your own business more compliant and consumer friendly.

Become part of a wider SME community using our forum to engage with other Business people in Europe.

Get support and advice related to your business consumer queries while training or consult our FAQs.

Online Resources

Work with your schedule - take a course online or attend a local training session in your area


Learn how to appropriately deal with customer complaints and refunds

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How it Works

The 3 steps to becoming Consumer Law Ready

Attend a local course hosted close to you

You can join a local course in your area to learn everything about consumer law from a professional trainer. Register as soon as the process is open to secure your spot. 

Learn about Consumer Law from our Online resources

Through reading material, videos, quizzes and e-tests, you will obtain the knowledge required to ensure that your SME is Consumer Law Ready. We have 5 learning modules that cover important topics on consumer rights!

Obtain your certificate

Test your consumer law knowledge and take our quizzes or e-test's so that you can earn your certificate in consumer law, accredited by the European Commission.


Discover what Consumer Law Ready can offer you

Enjoy exclusive features available on the Consumer Law Ready website.

Discover what Consumer Law Ready can offer you

Sign up to train with Consumer Law Ready to work closely with a trainer in your area.

A forum where you can

connect with your peers

Our forum is designed to create a community among our trainers and students. Use our forum to learn even more about consumer law.

Interactive learning for


Our programme is designed to help SMEs understand the detail of consumer law empowering them to become more consumer friendly.

Discover FAQ

Find and look up trainers

Got questions about the platform? Find answers to commonly asked questions in our FAQ section.

Peter Stonely
Peter Stonely. National trainer in UK

Consumer Law Ready provides us with an exciting opportunity to develop a network of local trainers who can improve SME's understanding of consumer rights law.


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